A Tax Season Resource for Those Who Work
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Claiming the Tax Credit You Deserve

STEP 1:  Are you eligible for one of these FEDERAL tax credits?

Before you go to get your taxes done, or do your own taxes, review the questions below and decide which tax credits you may be eligible for.

Federal Tax Credits

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a tax credit that provides a boost in income to working families. Here is what to ask yourself to see if you may be eligible:

    • Do you have a Social Security Number because you are a U.S. citizen?
    • Did you work full-time or part-time in 2013?
    • If you have children, are they under age 19 (age 24, if a full-time student) and did they live with you for more than half of 2013?
    • Do you meet the income guidelines detailed below?

    Number of children Single, with annual earned income less than Married, with annual earned income less than Maximum Federal EITC, depending on annual income
    0 $14,340 $19,680 $487
    1 $37,870 $43,210 $3,250
    2 $43,038 $48,488 $5,372
    3 or more $46,227 $51,567 $6,044

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