Helping Students with Brain Injuries - Module 4: Concussion

Course Overview

The goal of the course is to understand the impact of Brain Injury for students by providing basic information on brain injuries and the classroom strategies and accommodations that can help students learn and be successful.

The intended audience for this course is PK-12 teachers, school nurses, Area Education Agency staff, school psychologists, speech / language therapists, occupational therapists, para educators, school administrators, social workers, parents, and caregivers. The course will provide basic information for brain structure and function, common deficits following brain injury, and asessment of functioning after brain injury.


The length of time for participants to take this course is estimated to be 1 hour.

  • Intro and pre-test: 10 min

  • Section 1: 20 min

  • Section 2: 15 min

  • Section 3: 5 min

  • Post-test and Evaluation: 10 min

Course Content

There are three sections in this course:

Section 1: CDC Video Excerpts
Section 2: Managing Concussions by Scott Lindgren, PhD
Section 3: Tracy's Story