Emergency Operations Coordination

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Capability 3: Emergency Operations Coordination

Definition: Emergency operations coordination is the ability to direct and support an event or incident with public health or medical implications by establishing a standardized, scalable system of oversight, organization, and supervision consistent with jurisdictional standards and practices and with the National Incident Management System.
Functions and Associated Performance Measures: This capability consists of the ability to perform the functions listed below. Associated CDC-defined performance measures are also listed below.

Function 1: Conduct preliminary assessment to determine need for public activation
Function 2: Activate public health emergency operations
Measure 1: Time for pre-identified staff covering activated public health agency incident management lead roles (or equivalent lead roles) to report for immediate duty. Performance Target: 60 minutes or less
Function 3: Develop incident response strategy
Measure 1: Production of the approved Incident Action Plan before the start of the second operational period
Function 4: Manage and sustain the public health response
Function 5: Demobilize and evaluate public health emergency operations
Measure 1: Time to complete a draft of an After Action Report and Improvement Plan